As a former teacher, and behind many school productions from very small to enormous, I know what schools want – if you let me know your resources I will select one or tailor one for you!

Some exist already – others can be adapted. In the school versions there are many chorus numbers (songs left blank for you to choose) and many speaking parts (even if just one line).

Here are Dick Whittington,  Red Riding Hood and Cinderella: have a free look!

If you want to use one just let me know where and when (to avoid complaints from other school nearby!)

No charge for schools as long as you put my name on everything and maybe send some feedback after?

Red Riding Hood & the Three Pigs SCHOOL

DICK WHITTINGTON – school version

CINDERELLA reduced for in house production

robin-in-cage Key info I need:
  • can you change scenery?
  • will you want a Dame role?
  • can you do any slapstick?
  • how long must it last?
  • do any of the cast have special needs (such as mobility problems) that will need catering for, or which can be written into the script?
  • what age are the actors & audience?!
(Not all scripts allow you to parade children in cages through the street. Sorry)

Want to get in touch? ca.lane@me.com

(Bear in mind that most scripts are downloadable here and FREE to non-commercial users i.e. folk who don’t charge for seats in the audience!)